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Our Class

Join us every Monday at 7:30 PM, starts 3rd June,  for a dynamic fitness experience at The Humble Hub in St Leonards, a place where community & wellness come together.


We are thrilled to bring you a class that's all about energy, strength, & fun.  Our sessions blend a variety of exercises to keep things fresh & effective. You'll dive into:

  • Range of Motion - to get those joints happily moving

  • Bootcamp Style Strength - to build power and endurance

  • Cardio/HIIT Training - to boost your heart rate &  burn calories

  • A holistic approach that makes fitness as enjoyable as it is rewarding

Whether you're a beginner or looking to shake up your routine, you'll find a challenge that’s just right for you.


Stace is an advanced personal trainer with 8 years of experience in turning exercise into a celebration of what our bodies can do.


Fully qualified  in PT level 3, exercise to music, outdoor training, group exercise, & GP referral, she is here to support your fitness journey.

Our classes provide a welcoming community. We focus on the joy of movement and the positive impact it has on mind and body.


​Come and be a part of our vibrant community. Let’s laugh, sweat, and train together! All  welcome let’s make fitness a highlight of your week!

Booking instructions: BOOK


Personal Training

Your personal training journey starts with a consultation session, followed by a fun workout.

We will explore your unique goals, examine how we can support lifestyle factors, explore valuable metrics if needed & more, to begin guiding you on your journey. 

For results that last, it helps to be in a state of readiness to explore ways to integrate enjoyable healthy new habits into your everyday life. 


We support you every step of the way. Personal training is a strong commitment to  health,  longevity & well being.  We usually meet once a week, for most programmes, but one off and sporadic sessions are also available.

So whether you are new to or returning to exercise, recovering from a health condition, training for an event, have weight related goals, or simply want to explore an exciting new way to stay in shape, we cater to a wide range of fitness goals & levels of fitness. (Don't see time slots to suite? Get in touch)



Private Hires & Events

From one off team wellness days, social experiences to fitness festivals,  friendship groups, events & more.  We cater to a wide range of needs. Including ongoing & online offerings as well as one offs.



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