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You will need:   

- We provide headphones currently.

- Clothes that you can run and bounce around in like leggings/ jogging bottoms/shorts/running tights, a few layers etc depending on season. Trainers. 


- In deep winter hats, snoods, gloves, layers, waterproof/wicking layers, etc.


- Your own bottle of water.  


- Something to carry your valuables. e.g front fastening, smaller rucksack, bumbag, running vest or belt, ultra pack or just the right pockets.  There are no lockers. 

For our online class: 


You will need:  Zoom, drinking water, room to lie down, sit and move. 


Desirable: Occasionally we use bands & weights, but alternatives will be given. Fell free to grab an alternatives such as tins. You may want a matt & cushion as we do some work lying down.


What Do you do when it rains?

We embrace what the day has to offer. Working out in the rain teaches us the importance of mind over matter. It's liberating. It teaches us that our bodies can be warm and energised regardless of the cold and damp outside.


It teaches us that its okay to get wet, it's only a state, that state will pass. It teaches us to be open in life generally when society has taught us to shut down and generate storylines about how ‘terrible it is’ just because it's cold and raining.


It's an important part of learning to take the rough with the smooth, with a smile in our hearts. It makes us tough, not just physically but mentally.


There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. Yes its challenging, but it's good to be challenged and take calculated risks in life. And when you get hot working out, rain becomes your friend. 


do you train in winter?

Yes. It’s an amazing time to - we need the vitamin D and wild more than ever! If it’s raining - we embrace it. Dancing and working out in the rain can actually be amazing fun, and you get the place to yourself.


But it doesn’t rain that much in the South - East of our isles, contrary to popular belief. The vast majority of our sessions are dry.


The only time we postpone due to the weather, is if there is over head thunder and lightening, or in excess of 50 mph winds. So this is very very rare.  

Why Jungle & Drum and Bass?

Its great to workout to, its motivating & driving. But it's so much more than that. The music transcends social boundaries, it is unifying. The bass connects to some deep part of us. It's at once motivating, uplifting and grounding.


Drum & Bass music draws heavily on technology, sci-fi & culture. Its earthy (eco), futurist & creative, like our classes. When you are lost in the music all of the outward signifiers, what you are wearing, what you look like, cease to be important. It's about a deeper connection.


Jungle & roots music is tribal, connecting, chunky & timeless. There are plenty of classes to other type of music, but the music is core to this class, from ethos, to the dance steps in our routines. We love Jungle, Drum and Bass, bass music, & positive vibrations.

How Do I Join/book?

For regular classes, and on demand , head to the booking pages. For personal training, private groups, & event, and press enquiries, please email:


We can also work in partnership with our friends at for larger group sessions, events and experiences. And are happy to recommend them.

Can I join if have a medical condition?


Often yes, especially if a doctor or other medical professional has recommended exercise that includes cardio, muscle & core strengthening, & stretching. Exercise can be an essential part of the recovery process; and or symptom management. Adaptations can be given with sensitivity. Private, personally tailored sessions are an option too, and Stacey is a GP referral specialist.


Injuries and medical conditions must be highlighted at registration, so that we can offer you the best possible experience. Please also advise the instructor of notable changes to your health, or if you have been advised by a medical professional to refrain from particular types of exercise.


Where a medical condition or other factor is beyond the instructors area of expertise, we are happy to refer you to another local specialist trainer. 

Why are you called London Jungle Runners?


Many of us love running, & all of are classes are great cross training for runners. But our silent disco class, at this time, is a mixed training class, with small amounts of running & dancing to D&B. Where everyone, runners and non runners alike, enjoy a mixture of running, fun Hiit games, cardio, core, strength and stretch work. 


"Running", like stepping, refers, in part, to Drum and Bass/Jungle dance; and dance culture. Some of our high impact aerobic/training sections are akin to running on the spot/ the running man/contain faster foot work. The Jungle Runner is also a type of lizard. Part of the ethos is that we immerse ourselves in nature and consider ourselves to be a part of it, rather than considering ourselves to be something separate or aloof.


This is subtly encouraged through little activities, focuses and ideas that are brought in throughout the experience. London Jungle Runners is more than a fitness group. it is an immersive fitness practise that blurs the boundaries between fitness, wild play, the arts, and a more connected experience of nature & reality. It is a holistic & fun, approach to fitness. Classes are also carefully designed to limit our impact upon the fragile woodland environment.


LJR is a perfect complimentary cross training session for those who are training for events etc. It's a great for runners, and non runners a like. We support functional health, & injury prevention, with careful strengthening, & sound technique. This feeds into our running days around these sessions.

I'm really unfit, is this class for me?


Yes. Whats great about this class is that you really can do it at your own pace. It can be a tough class if you wish, but alternatives are given, and safe adaptation for injury can be provided or found with clients. and the high impact aerobic sections can be completed at a low impact pace. You can find your level, and develop over time. We all start where we are at every session.

I'm super fit, is this class for me?


Yes. We don't do a great deal of running in class, but you will get heaps of other benefits from this class. Extension can be provided where necessary, and as it is a small group, the instructor is able to really tailor to those in the session.

Where do we meet for class?
To get yourself there, use postcodes:
Location 1 Highgate Woods: MAP


Mon 9.30am & Fri 12.30pm

Highgate Woods 9.30am: London N10 3JN  (not a contact address)


If standing on the field in the middle of the woods, to the right you will see the information hut, we meet in front of it 5 mins before class. There are toilets just there by the meeting point & a nice cafe.

Location 2 Near Hampstead Heath: MAP

Wed 7.30pm 

Hampstead Heath

We meet on the edge of The Heath overlooking the lake & go to various locations depending on the group & season.

Am I really a spiritual being, or robot, having a human experience?

Probably. Who knows, save that one for the pub yeah? 

Louise Roberts - Wild and Well Festival
Louise Roberts - Wild and Well Festival
Louise Roberts - Wild and Well Festival
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